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I'm tired.

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23rd February 2017

11:59pm: You don't see that everyday in a game...
While playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, a popup appeared advising me to "Air assassinate an ocelot". Can't say I've ever seen a prompt like that before. :-)
Current Mood: amused

25th April 2015

11:29am: Farewell Pebbles...
Yesterday morning, I came out to feed Pebbles her breakfast and found out that she had passed away during the night. Farewell little rat-dog. You weren't always a good dog, but you were always MY dog. We had a good 16 years together...
Rest in peace...

21st April 2015

10:16pm: New cycle computer!
On the weekend, I purchased a cheap (8 whole dollars!) cycling computer that registers my speed and distance ridden, exciting stuff like that...

Here are my thrilling stats for Tuesday 21st April 2015.
Distance ridden: 31.3 km
Maximum speed: 42.3 km/h
Average speed: 18.8 km/h
Time riding: 1 hour, 40 minutes

It'll be interesting to compare these stats to another set later on...

8th December 2013

1:18am: Games? Again?!?!?
Yep, this journal is pretty much just recording board game stats now.....
I better add some more right away!
24th November 2013
King of Tokyo (Moo, Carmen, Jeff, me) - Jeff won vs Carmen in the end.
Race For The Galaxy (Jeff, me) - Jeff took two games off me here.
Zombicide (Jeff, me) - We beat up the zombies, and were able to chainsaw the fallen power lines to escape in the car.

30th November 2013
Greed (Moo, Carmen, Jeff, me) - I lead for almost the entire game, but Carmen had an epic final turn scoring 20 or so dice and was able to catch up the 2200 points that she was trailing by.
Runebound (Jeff, me) - I had specialised in ranged attacks, while Jeff was going for magic. I had many more experience points than Jeff and we both thought that I had the game pretty much wrapped up. Then Jeff bought a magical item that allowed him to win most fights before combat for a large amount of sweat. With this, he was able to finish off 3 dragon lords before I could... That'll stop me from counting my chickens before they hatch next time!

7th December 2013
King of Tokyo (Moo, Jeff, me) - Two quick games with Jeff winning the first and me winning the second one.
Pandemic (Moo, Jeff, me) - We played (and won!) at heroic level (6 epidemics in the deck) with the researcher, scientist and base builder guy.
Amyitis - Jeff and I spent an hour wrestling with the rulebook, and we were tempted to give it up, and play Runebound or Mage Knight. I'm glad we persevered, as it's an enjoyable little Euro game that manages to avoid players being stuck for ages trying to decide their best course of action. Jeff ended up winning, but we'd both like to try it again some time (possibly with either Dan or Lauren).
We finished off the night with a quick game of Race For The Galaxy, where I managed to get a Produce/Consume engine going before Jeff got all his military planets settled. This was the first time I was able to win with a non-military strategy. Huzzah!

26th August 2013

12:49am: More games!
Another quiet day of gaming, with Jeff coming over in the afternoon to play some games. We played:
Pandemic: Lauren and I were able to cure all four diseases and (for an extra challenge) we eradicated them all before the deck ran out.
Munchkin: I played a quick game of this with Carmen, Morgan, little Sarah and Lauren. I got wiped out when Morgan was able to transfer a hugely pumped up monster over to me, then he was able to win the game the turn after.
San Juan: I played a game with Sarah & Jeff, and then another at the end of the evening with just Jeff. Luckily, I managed to win both games.
Runebound: Main game of the evening, and the first real test of our new gaming table topper. I managed to muck up the endgame, with a silly penultimate move, that meant I was unable to reach the final dragon before Jeff did. Oh well, you can't win them all. :-)
While I was making dinner, Jeff & the peskies also played Cluedo and a game of Bohnanza.

30th March 2013

12:26am: Games once again!
A recap from last weeks gaming...
It was a busy games day, but without too many guests. For most of the day, the only visitors were Jeff and Sara. Dan arrived late (about 10:30pm), but since nobody had work the next day, it wasn't a huge deal.

Games we played included:
Escape from Atlantis - We played in teams of one adult and one kid each, with Jeff & Jordan leading the most of their people to safety.
Dixit - Jordan won
Waldschattenspiel - I was the candle, trying to find the dwarves in the dark. I found a couple of them, but once I moved away they were rescued and all gathered beneath a tree, giving the dwarves the win.
Amun-Re - I started well, and was leading at the end of the old kingdom phase. Sadly, I was constantly strapped for cash during the new kingdom, and Jeff managed to squeak out a victory.
King of Tokyo - I won the first game, then nearly got a very powerful combination of powers in the second game. I had a card that meant triple 1s give me an extra turn with one less die, then there was another card that said you could change one of your dice to a 1 once a turn. This would have meant that I only needed double 1s to get another turn. Sadly, I pointed this card out, so Dan bought it to stop me from having it.
Last Night on Earth - We played the simplest scenario (kill 15 zombies) to introduce Sara to one of our more detailed games. Dan was the zombie master, but was unable to mass enough zombies to overwhelm us, and we were able to pick off most of them with our ranged weapons.
*Edit* Additional games played on Sunday included:
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer - Jeff was playing as the Master, but the forces of good (Lauren, Sara & me) were able to defeat him.
Agricola (with the fairy deck) - Jeff and I finished off the evening with a quick game of Agricola. The fairy deck provided some random silliness, and I was able to score slightly higher than Jeff, despite only having a four-person farm.

23rd December 2012

1:54pm: R.I.P. Ziggy

R.I.P. Ziggy, originally uploaded by tomfhaines.

Rest in peace, Ziggy Fluffycat. You came into our home at Christmas time and left around Christmas too.

19th November 2012

2:23am: More games....
I've got half a dozen entries in my phone from previous games nights, and there have probably been half a dozen more that I didn't record at all... :-(

Anyways, Jeff came over today and played a couple of games. We started with a quick game of King of Tokyo with the Peskies. Carmen's Godzilla with a shrink ray was no match in the end for Jeff's burrowing Cthulhu.

Then we broke out Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage, where my mighty Roman Empire was crushed by a rampaging Hannibal and his elephants. It's a reasonable game, but took over three and a half hours to play, so I think it'll be reserved for rare occasions, as we could probably fit two games that we enjoy more in that time.

The night was capped off with a short game of Quarriors, where I managed to secure a reasonably quick victory on the back of three dragons. On the way home, we talked about ways to make corrupted quidity dice more relevant. I suggested removing the ability to cull them from your pool, and Jeff thought that not being able to cull any dice apart from ones that score might work. A thought that I had after dropping Jeff off was to allow players to get one extra quiddity, at the cost of adding two or three corrupted quiddity dice to your pool...

We may have to try these variants and see how they go.
Current Mood: tired

16th November 2012

2:10pm: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2120

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2120, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

I do enjoy the way they play with the medium in this strip...

28th July 2012

8:41pm: Trike wheels!

Trike wheels!, originally uploaded by tomfhaines.

I've loved recumbent trikes for years, and always wanted one. Unfortunately, they tend to be very expensive, usually costing a couple of thousand dollars. So they've remained a dream for a long time now. Enter Atomic Zombie, and their range of bike and trike plans. I looked at the site on and off for a while, then bit the bullet and bought some plans.

My friend Joe pointed me towards an auction of assorted bike bits on Grays Online, and I bought a pair of 20" wheels for less than $20 a wheel delivered. Now I need to buy some square hollow section steel, and a welder, then figure out how to use it. I think it's going to be a loooong process....

Current Mood: optimistic

1st July 2012

1:38pm: Even more board gaming!
Assorted board gaming from the last six months or so...
29th December 2011 with Dan and Jeff!
Two rounds of Jungle Speed with Dan picking up the first win, and Jeff the second. Then we played a game of Fury Of Dracula, with me as Dracula vs Jeff, Dan and Lauren. Sadly for me, the forces of good triumphed and Dracula was vanquished once again.
We also played a snazzy German board game where you move little wooden pawns through a "forest" and try to hide from the light cast by a candle. Let's see if I can find it on BoardGameGeek... A ha!
! It's a snazzy game, but given that it can only be played in the dark, I'm not sure that it'll be played very often. We also played a game of Poseidon, and according to my notes: "...got my butt kicked because I only founded one country".

28th April 2012 Birthday Games with Dan, Ben, Lauren, Claire, Jules and Jeff!
Played Last Night on Earth with Dan and I playing the zombies vs everybody else. We had to try and destroy a certain number of buildings before the time ran out, but our zombies kept getting blown up with shotguns, so we were unable to reach our goal. After everyone else went home, Lauren and I played a game of Pandemic, which we won by the skin of our teeth. (Yay for cooperative games!)

More to come later....

1st April 2012

1:08am: More board gaming!
A board games day was organised for today at the last minute, and Mon, Dan and Jeff showed up to play.

Mon arrived in the late afternoon and we both played Jenga with Moo, followed by a game of Scrabble. Winner? Me!

After dinner, we (Mon, Lauren, Dan and myself) played Quarriors, where Mon pipped Dan at the post to take the win. We then played a five player game of Amun-Re with Jeff joining in, after playing with the peskies. Mon and Dan got into a competition over who would have the most pyramids on the west side of the Nile, and I was able to secure a win by having three sets of pyramids and the most on the east side.

At this point, Dan and Jeff headed home, and I capped off the evening playing Greed and Sumo with Mon. In the end, Mon won the game of Greed, beating me by 450 points.

Mmmmmm.... pointless games details that nobody but me cares about....

Anyway, time for bed. Good night!
Current Mood: amused

3rd March 2012

10:11am: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1907

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1907, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.


26th February 2012

10:32pm: Random recipe time again!

Tonight it's chow mein.

Half a kilo of mince meat
2 packets of 2 minute chicken noodles
3 cups of hot water
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
3 tablespoons of tomato sauce
1/2 a cabbage, shredded
A handful of snow peas
2 chopped onions
A diced carrot
Salt and pepper

1/ Brown the mince & onion
2/ Add the water and the noodle flavour sachets.
3/ Once it's boiling, add everything else, and leave it on the heat until the veggies are done.

Simple and tasty!

17th February 2012

7:23am: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1894

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1894, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

I haven't shared one of these for a while....

19th January 2012

12:58pm: Exciting start to the morning...
Yesterday, on my way to work, I was waiting for the pedestrian lights to go, so I could cross Normanby Avenue and not paying much attention to what was happening around me. Just before the lights changed I heard a pop and saw what looked like the end of a plastic pipe bounce across the road in front of me. Looking to see where it had come from (I suspected it had fallen from a truck or something like that), I spied a car that had crunched the right hand side of its bonnet into a traffic light.

After a moment of "What do I do?!?!?", I called triple 0 and asked for the police. They took down all the necessary details, and asked if an ambulance was needed. I didn't know, so I went over to the car and asked the driver if he wanted one. He said that he was having chest pains, so an ambulance was summoned. The emergency operator asked if I could stick around until the ambulance arrived, so I waited with the driver and helped him make a call to his wife to let her know what had happened. Within five minutes, I heard the approaching sirens of an ambulance, waved them down, let them know what had happened, then headed off to work.

3rd October 2011

1:39am: Games day once again!
A busier than usual games day, with six guests throughout the day. Mon, Ting, Claire, Jeff and Jimmy all ate with us, and Dan showed up later. We started with a game of Magical Athlete, where Jimmy and Moo tied for first place, beating myself, Mon and Jeff. We took a break for dinner, then continued the gaming with Betrayal at House on the Hill.Ting turned out to be the traitor, and was looking like she was going to have some difficulty figuring out what to do (as this was her first time playing the game) when Dan showed up and was able to help her out. The heroes just managed to squeak out a victory, without anybody dying.

At this point, Mon, Ting, Lauren and Claire headed off to the lounge room to play party games (Articulate and Cranium), while the rest of us tried our hand at Chicago Express. Dan was most miffed to discover that he ended the game with one dollar less that both Jeff and myself, putting him in third place.

Too tired to write any more, but if I don't write this now, I'll have forgotten the details by morning.

30th July 2011

11:05pm: Mmmm... salsa!
Random recipe time!

Easy tasty salsa!
2 tins diced tomatoes
1 tin 3 bean mix
1 onion
1 red onion
1 packet burrito seasoning

1/ Chop onion, chuck in frying pan.
2/ Heat.
3/ Add everything but the seasoning.
4/ Heat some more.
5/ Just before serving, stir through the seasoning mix...
6/ Enjoy!

5th July 2011

2:10pm: Another successful (if somewhat quiet) games day has come and gone.
Dan showed up for dinner, and Jeff and Jimmy turned up a little while later.

What board games were played?
* Munchkin (Jeff and Jimmy arrived just as we started, so we turned this into a game of speed Munchkin) Dan ended up winning this one.
* Betrayal at House on the Hill (Jimmy was the traitor, but even with a madman's help, he couldn't stop us from achieving our goal and saving the day.) Dan left at this point as he had to work early tomorrow.
* Zombie Fluxx. Braaaaaaaaains.
* Buffy. I played as Adam, and defeated the forces of good (Lauren, Jimmy and Jeff). Muhahaha!

We were trying to remember if this was the first time that the forces of evil had won, and couldn't come to a decision, so I'm writing this down to help us remember for next time.

2nd June 2011

8:07am: Super Meme Time!

Comment and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional (or possibly non-fictional) person that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.

I would have posted this earlier, but livejournal was being non-cooperative. *frowntown*

*Extra bonus random linkage!*

Gentlemen's calling card.
Snazzy hat!

p.s. I recommend against brushing your arm along the bottom of a hot oven rack. It hurts!

8th March 2011

7:40am: Getting older...

Pebbles!, originally uploaded by tomfhaines.

My little rainbow striped dog is getting older and older... Her eyesight is going, so each morning when I wake up, I walk over to the top of the stairs, and sit down. Pebbles will then climb into my lap so I can carry her downstairs. She used to be more independent, but as her eyesight deteriorated, she took a couple of falls, when she misjudged where the stairs were. So now I have a morning ritual of carrying this tiny dog downstairs.

31st August 2010

8:30am: Link dump!
Haven't done a real post in ages, but I'll just share these links instead. Most of these are either from Facebook or my Google Reader account.

Steampunk sex toys.

7 Reasons to Keep Your Tyrannosaur OFF Crack Cocaine

Star wars cupcakes!


Sci-fi Hello Kitty!

Seasame Street Fighter!

More cupcakey goodness!


5th July 2010

4:44pm: Geocaching today!
Went geocaching today with Lauren and the two elder peskies. Lauren wrote about it on her bloggy thing, so I'll just link to that because I'm lazy.... Mmmmm.... laziness.

Current Mood: lazy

30th May 2010

9:06am: This is a test to see if I can embed facebook's like functionality into a lj post.
... and the answer seems no.

22nd March 2010

12:15pm: Hee hee! Cute kitty dream!
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